Minutes of Meetings

5th Jan' 2012

posted 6 Jan 2012, 07:51 by Yash Soni   [ updated 7 Jan 2012, 22:20 ]

  • To discuss about the Pre-Uttarayan fest.
  • To discuss about the Management Event to be held in February.
Venue: Canteen Backyard.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Attented by: 
  • Amit Sindkar
  • Yash Soni
  • Jinal Halvadia
  • Priyanka Patel
  • Priyank Shah
  • Soham Brahmbhatt
  • Moksha Dalal
  • Nikita Patel
  • Hetul Shah
  • Kunal Patel
  • Aashish Balar
  • Toshita Dharmadhikari
  • Henna Patel
  • Mili Jain
  • Nikita Agrawal
  • Sapan Shah
  • Vanisha 
  • Vaibhavi Vyas
Tasks assigned at the meeting:
            Pre-Uttarayan Fest
  • Pre-Uttarayan Fest will be held on 13th of Jan at 9:00 am on college terrace.
  • The music system will be arranged by Hetul Shah and Yash Soni. 
  • Toshita Dharmadhikari will arrange for a music CD.
  • It was mutually decided that kites will be provided by the MaSSIve members.
  • Discussion regarding the ways to intimate students was made and concluded.
  • Petty permissions were taken from the Director (Dr. Rajesh Khajuria) regarding the arrangements of the fest.
  • Snacks were decided.       
  • Yash Soni has to bring a trunk.        
           Management Event
  • Various management games were discussed in the meeting and conclusions were made tentatively to adopt certain games.
  • Contents to be revealed after the finalizing  the event. 

1st dec' 11

posted 1 Dec 2011, 07:12 by Yash Soni   [ updated 3 Dec 2011, 08:12 ]

  • To discuss about the upcoming events through MaSSIve.
  • To secure permission for some basic purpose of MaSSIve.

Venue: Board Room

Attended by:

  • Dr. Rajesh Khajuria ( Director of CKSVIM )
  • Yash Soni
  • Amit Sindkar
  • Hetul Shah
  • Priyank Shah
  • Paras Shah
  • Soham Brahmbhatt
  • Priyanka Patel
  • Jinal Halvadia
  • Henna Patel
  • Toshita Dharmadhikari
  • Hemanshi Shah
  • Moksha Dalal
  • Mili Jain
  • Vaibhavi Vyas
  • Nikita Patel
Duration: 1 hour 05 minutes

Tasks assigned in the meeting:
  • To prepare a legal constitution for the MaSSIve.
  • To form a hierarchy of the MaSSIve association, which should comprise of a Chair person, a Vice Chair person, two Secretaries and two Treasurers.
  • Discussion for a separate notice board exclusively for MaSSIve was held in which it was concluded that the college is arranging for the same.
  • A launch of a sports event was discussed and the event was approved by the Director, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria.
  • A small discussion was held of a GK quiz which is now to be conducted in future after semester 1 exams.
  • Each committee must have a faculty for the authoritarian purposes of that committee. 

12th Nov'11

posted 20 Nov 2011, 00:42 by Yash Soni   [ updated 23 Nov 2011, 03:18 by Jinal Halvadia ]

1. The committees were asked to post the responsibilities on cksvim site.
2. Idea of selling membership of MaSSive was discussed.
3. Taking pictures of all meetings and events taking place in the college are to be taken and uploaded on website.
4. Sports  committee would plan an event in coming days and the prize distributions would be on saturday.
5. A discussion was held on arranging uttrayan fest in college.
6. Henna Patel is given a task to update calender of MaSSIve.
7. Mili Jain , Paras Shah  and Soham Brahmbhatt would prepare 360 degree feedback form for meetings, indoor and outdoor events, teaching and non teaching staff etc.
8. Priyank Shah is to study and report on the feasibility of implementing organization wide knowledge management systems. 
9. Separate website would be made for calender and events and sports committee.
10. 2 teams are formed to approach different colleges for subscribing for membership of MaSSIve.

7 Nov '11

posted 8 Nov 2011, 22:36 by Jinal Halvadia

24 Sep '11

posted 8 Nov 2011, 20:08 by Yogen Shah   [ updated 8 Nov 2011, 20:14 ]

  • First meeting
  • Discuss upcoming elections
  • Discuss ideas and ways to develop the Academic Support learning portal ABHYAAS
Venue: Computer Lab

Attended by:

  • Yogen Shah
  • Toshita Dharmadhikari
  • Simoli Shah
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Tasks assigned in the meeting:
  • Yogen Shah to prepare forms for fair and simple online elections.
  • Toshita to prepare a sitemap for Academic Support sites for each subject area.
Tasks accomplished since the meeting:
Invitation Note:
Dear Leaders:

I'm sorry the elections are being put off as we're still waiting for the final bifurcation of the Year-1 students (as per the norms of GTU). But we cannot let that stop us from defining our goals and start working towards them.

We are meeting at 9am in the room outside the computer lab this Saturday, the 24th. From inception, we will keep a tight control on tardiness, and make punctuality our way of life. Those who are not there before 9 will risk losing face and their nomination. Besides, people who have great ideas but little respect for others' time will only be spoil-sports in the long run.

If you cannot attend for any reason, just email me your suggestions well in advance so they can be discussed in the meeting.

I am confident that young leaders like yourselves will be embrace this 'culture of quality' with arms wide open ;-)

I am very excited to be a part of this movement, and I am sure so are you. Please bring at least 5 ideas for your chosen Area of Operation(s) noted on paper; writing things down helps you better reflect on them, and saves everyone's time in meetings.

And it's vital we check our mail everyday.

Have a great week ahead!

991 3737 810 (if I am in a class and cannot receive your call, pls send an sms and I will call you back)

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