A MaSSIve Welcome

Welcome to the interactive web portal of Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya Education Foundation's Management Students' Society for Initiatives, or MaSSIve.

Why Do We Exist?

Turning Management Graduates in to World-Class Citizens and Managers.

What Makes Us Unique?
  • We spot AND solve problems.
  • Since change is inevitable, we LEARN to manage it rather than continue to be victimised by it.
  • We ALWAYS see the glass half full; where many see only issues and difficulties, we see ONLY opportunities to learn and earn.

What Do We Stand For?

To bring memorable events and experiences, world-class technologies, and opportunities for personal and professional growth to students of Management.

What Will Never Change About Us?
  • We will keep growing.
  • We will be prolific readers, keen listeners, and empathic problem-solvers.
  • We will always prefer the reliability of research over the convenience of assumptions.
  • We will always conduct ourselves ethically so that we may maximise our long-term, collective happiness.